Frequently asked questions

Do you offer customisation or commisions?

Unfortunately at this time I do not offer customisation or commisions.

What materials do you use to make your ceramics?

I use a buff-coloured stoneware clay to make all my ceramics. My ceramics are either thrown on the wheel or occasionally made using slip-mould techniques. Some pieces are hand painted with specialist ceramic paints and glazed with a transparent glaze or glazed with a selection of satin glazes.

Do you run Pottery classes?

Not yet but I would love to soon! Please contact me with your interest if this appeals to you and I can take your details for a waiting list so I can organise a realistic plan for classes. In the future I would love to organise Tasters and holiday specials. Join my newsletter for updates on classes.

Do you ship outside the UK? To Europe and Internationally?

Yes I do! Cost of shipping depends on weight, dimensions of packaged goods, and where it is being sent. Please refer to my Shipping & Returns page for more details.

What makes Christina Goodall Ceramics unique?

My ceramics are made in small batches, which allows me to spend more time on each piece crafting and decorating. Each piece is truely an indivdual and unique, whilst all the ceramics are still in my style and will sit together cohesively. Alot of thought and effort goes into the making of my ceramics. Quality design is my priority to create a truely functional and beautiful object. Compared to mass-produced ceramics that are often made in moulds to be identical and made using lower-fired clay that may chip and crack more easily. I use a buff/white stoneware clay that is fired upto 1225C to create a harder-waring ceramic. It is especially ideal for functional wares used on a regualar basis such as mugs.