12 IKEA Products for Pottery

Here are 12 of my favourite Ikea products that I use in my pottery studio. A lot of storage ideas and tools for making and glazing.

1. SORTERA Waste sorting bins £9 for 60l and £6 for 37l

These Plastic bins are great for storing waste clay to be recycled. For a larger scale pottery they are great to store glaze materials as well. They are also stackable so they will help save floorspace in your studio.

2. SAMLA Insert for Box £3

This handled insert is great for tool storage to store and then bring with you to your pottery class or move around with you in your studio. I have separate ones labelled for throwing, trimming and glazing. And easy wiped clean.

3. SOCKERBIT Storage box with lid £12

These under-bed storage boxes are great for the studio. These are great to slowly dry out your greenware pottery. Store them under shelving or desks and just forget about them until your pottery is ready to bring out to bisque fire.

4. HEJNE Softwood shelving 3 sections/shelves £88

This is the shelving I use in my studio and I love it. Sturdy, easy to assemble and you can continue to add on the sides. You decide how many shelves you insert and the height of each shelf. Think about how tall your work tends to be when thrown. Fairly wide at 50cm, these are ideal to use to store freshly thrown work and store bisque work.

5. HYLLIS Shelving unit with cover £13

These garden units are great for storing greenware to slowing dry out. I use them all the time as my pottery that I have piped clay onto needs extra time for the water content to balance out so these units are great to dry them out slowly. The shelves are quite tall for my work but if I can I stack the pottery. The cover is essential and a small cost.

6. RÅSKOG Trolley £39

These are great to store your many many tools and keep by you when working on your clay work. Wheel around your studio between your wheel and your work bench/desk.

7. VARIERA Plastic bag dispenser £1.50

These are a life-saver in my studio. I store all of my plastic bags in here to wrap work up at the end of each work day. I need about 3 more of these to store all my different sized plastic bags.

8. MAGASIN Rolling pin £3.50

Cheap and cheerful rolling pin for slab work. I find that these rolling pins with this kind of handle design where the barrel moves independently from the handles are much more useful then the traditional rolling pins that are made from one single piece of wood. I find you can get more strength in this design and ultimately you can roll out clay better.

9. GUBBRÖRA Rubber spatula £1

I use these when making glazes. I can stir the glaze ingredients in with the water and then get every bit out when sieving the new glaze.

10. FULLÄNDAD Ladle £0.75

I use this ladle to glaze taller pieces that I can't dip. I ladle in glaze to coat the inside then tip out glaze. I hold the piece upside down with glazing tongs and using the ladle pour the glaze over the outside of the piece and back into the bucket.

11. BEVARA sealing clips set of 30 £1.50

I keep a lot of my glaze material in the original plastic bags they come in. Once I cut the cable ties off, I use these sealing clips to enclose the materials in the bag. You want to keep the bags sealed to reduce dust in your studio.

12. ANTAGEN dish-washing brush £0.50

These dish-washing brushes are great for glaze stirring. If you have a stubborn glaze that collects heavy at the bottom of your bucket try these brushes to stir and break up the glaze at the bottom.

By Christina Goodall




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