Each of these bells are hand-sculpted to a natural shape, then piped clay dots are added and finally hand-painted red and white. They are fired, glazed and fired to completion. They are then paired with a hand-built porcelain clanger and individually tied up with gold twine. Each having an individual 'ding' sound depending on the shape.


Ideal as a decorative object although they are also functional bells. Would make ideal Christmas decorations and an all-year-round decorative object for the home.


Approximately dimensions are:
Width - 6cm
Height - 8cm


Please keep in mind due to the handmade nature of these bells. Individuals may differ slightly in sounds, shape and decoration to one another of the same design.

Each Bell is priced at £16

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Mushroom Bell

  • Everything for sale on this website is handmade by Christina. This means that everything is uniquely made by one person.

    Please also be aware that because of this handmade quality, there may be slight glaze faults on the ceramics. I try to photograph them to show this but it may not always be visible in photos.

  • I do not advise washing your handmade pottery in the dishwasher. Instead please try to hand wash them with soap and warm water. Please avoid heating in microwaves and/or ovens.

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