The ceramic pots are hand thrown in small batches. This individual pot is thrown with wave effect.

They are glazed in an assortment of glazes including coral, green, blue and white.

Approximate dimensions are:

Width - 9.5cm

Height - 7.5cm

Wave Pot

  • All my pottery is Glaze fired Stoneware clay. This makes it durable and strong.


    All ceramics have been sanded to soften the clay's unglazed surface on the bottom to reduce scratches on furniture. 


    All my thrown pottery has been made in the same steps which follow :

    1. Clay is wedged to prepare for throwing then divided into the correct weights.
    2. Thrown on a potter's wheel and left to dry to what we call the 'leather hard' stage.
    3. At this point, I will 'trim' the pottery on the wheel with trimming tools carving out a foot ring while rotating.
    4. At this stage, I may need to cut holes in some pieces (e.g. berry bowls), apply handles, spouts, clay decorations (e.g. mugs, teapots) or soft shaping like lips.
    5. I may then apply underglaze paints or stains for decoration.
    6. I dry the pottery slowly until completely dry.
    7. Then I load the kiln with the dried pottery and fire the kiln up to 1000C. This a 'bisque' firing.
    8. Once the kiln has cooled down to room temperature, I unload the ceramics.
    9. Then I wash the porous ceramics of dust and wet-sand the individual pottery pieces.
    10. Allow the pottery to dry out from this washing.
    11. I wax the foot ring (to resist glaze coating in the next step).
    12. Then I dip the pieces in their selected glaze, this dries as a thin coating of powdery glaze.
    13. I load the kiln again with the glaze-coated pieces for its final firing. I fire the kiln to Cone 6 temperatures (around 1200C) to fully mature the clay and allow the glaze to melt and develop.
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